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The Problem: Blockchain technology and by extension, cryptocurrencies are not very well understood in general except to those who are actively involved, working or researching in this domain. Especially for retail investors, who have the curiosity to understand, learn and selectively invest – there are no ways or means through which this can be easily achieved. A typical financial advisor would often recommend clients an asset allocation spanning primarily across financial assets like equities & debt (bonds) and some amount of exposure to alternative assets like gold / real estate. Very few advisors recommend alternative assets such as Crypto-assets, which are backed by modern day technology. This is mainly because of limited understanding around these assets. This often results in investors missing out on investible opportunities and subsequently failing to capitalize on the long-term trends in these opportunities directly impacting their wealth creation.

Our Solution: We believe that modern day investors have enough opportunities to diversify by investing in alternative assets like cryptocurrencies. We intend to partner with investors in their journey to educate themselves about these new age technologies and subsequently make them capable of understanding and deciding whether to invest in these assets.

We believe that through our vast base of knowledge, market research and customer-first attitude - we are well equipped to provide investors with comprehensive solutions that align with their short-term and long-term goals.

Who are we?: We are a one-stop shop for all your queries pertaining to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Whatever the nature of your problem, we at AlphaEdge Consultants have all the solutions. With our vast experience (5+ years) in a very nascent industry, global affiliations and connections and a penchant for problem-solving, we make ourselves your go-to consultants for all your needs ranging from education to technology to collaborations to investments and much more.

Why should you diversify your portfolio and invest in cryptocurrencies?: Every asset class goes through a cycle of upward & downward movements. Diversification helps to better navigate these market cycles. Also, only when an investor is invested across different promising asset classes, will they be able to take advantage of the upward movements in those asset classes.

A diversified portfolio leads to better risk adjusted returns than a concentrated portfolio since the risk is also diversified. Investments in different high potential asset classes help to achieve long term goals while balancing the associated risks.

Our Services: Education, awareness, transparency and customer success are our key focus areas. To enable us serve a wide array of customers with varied needs, we have carefully bifurcated our offerings into two buckets.


Digital Asset Related Solutions

We educate our customers on various significant aspects and empower them with tools to help them understand and analyze digital assets


Customized Blockchain Consulting

If you need any assistance with anything related to blockchain technology globally or digital assets - exchanges, legality, taxation - we help you with all of it

About Us: About


About Us: Team
Rohit Boda photo.JPG


The Business Guru

With his background as the managing director of the J.B. Boda Group and his entrepreneurial spirit as the founder of his fitness venture Squat Up, Rohit brings unmatched business accumen, a global business network and invaluable business experience of leading an international organization. He helps us with our business development and marketing strategy is the primary driver of the company's growth goals.

Manan Vora photo.jfif


The Blockchain Brain

Manan is our subject matter expert on all things blockchain, digital assets and risk management. A Chartered Accountant, Lawyer and Certified Fraud Examiner - Manan brings with him a vast ocean of knowledge, experience and expertise. With his varied background, industry connections and hands-on approach, he helps us with our strategy among other things that enables us achieve our goals.

Mihir Ravani photo.jpg


The Tech & Ops Chops

A software engineer and MBA, Mihir brings a wealth of experience in working with key stakeholders across various industries. With his unique skill set, strong interpersonal skills and leadership abilities, he helps us with our technology, marketing and operations that keeps us on track to achieve our short term goals and accomplish our long term business vision.

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