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Education, awareness, transparency and customer success are our key focus areas. To enable us serve a wide array of customers with varied needs, we have carefully bifurcated our offerings into two buckets.

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If you are a prospective investor in digital assets, looking for long-term wealth creation or short-term gains, we help you select the right exchange(s) and the right assets based on your demographics, risk appetite and goals. While selecting appropriate crypto exchanges, we consider various factors like security, financial products, coin offerings, liquidity and previous track record. We also fundamentally analyse the most suitable asset classes for you, depending on the use cases, detailed study of the whitepaper, founding team, product roadmap till date, community support and so on. We also help you perform a through technical analysis of the appropriate crypto assets based on factors like volumes, indicators, chart patterns, latest news and updates as well as we help you build and follow a disciplined approach to ensure you always remain on track. A combination of all these factors mixed with our market expertise and a single-minded focus on customer success ensures that we come up with the perfect recipe to enable you to achieve your goals.


Are you looking for something completely different beyond just learning and knowledge on investing? Are you looking for a unique solution to a problem within the blockchain or cryptocurrency space? Looking to broaden your horizons and expand your network? This is the perfect place to look for answers to all these questions. We, at AlphaEdge, help you resolve all your issues and answer all your queries and connect you to the right people. Our USP is that we truly are a one stop shop for all your blockchain and crypto-asset related queries and we can design a specific solution to resolve your specific problems.

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